Design Consulting @ DV:UX

Callminer creates tools for Conversation Analysis.

While working as a UX designer at DV:UX I contributed to a design project for Callminer, a company specializing in conversational analytics for improving call quality and agent performance.

One of the major tasks for this project was the creation of the EurekaLive Agent assistant, a near real-time speech monitoring device
that can give feedback to agents. The goal was to create an interactive widget to provide feedback that could be read at a glance. The UI had to be persistent on the screen ad take up minimal real estate. Inspiration for the look and feel was taken from the "Nest" thermostat; the current widget borrows the interactive pod-like form of this real-world device.

It provides scrolling text and colour coded feedback, giving the Agent prompts and advice about how to properly respond to customer comments and concerns. The sentiment analysis technology by Callminer is capable of carefully monitoring call audio to provide appropriate, near real-time feedback from subtle cues in tone of voice and speech patterns. The widget is able to monitor the call for key words and tones that will trigger events. For example , a customer accepting an offer will give the user a "Sales Offer Accepted" prompt, and provide the agent with a short list of instructions such as "Verify customer information." As the call moves in a positive direction the outer circle changes to a green colour; however if the conversation moves in a negative direction it moves towards a red colour.

The widget was well-received by the company, and has been launched as one of their products. 


Animation and Motion Design
One of my main tasks during this project was creating transitions and interactions for the widget.

I used a combination of tools to create motion prototypes, including Adobe Flash and Fireworks.