Industrial Design
Time Period: 5 Weeks


A Herb Garden for Low-Light Environments 

This project aims to create a self sustaining garden for small urban living spaces. Many kitchens in small homes and apartments have little natural light. To help alleviate this problem ,the garden has LEDs built into it to promote herb growth even when natural light is not present. A water reservoir allows the user to avoid constant watering, the reservoir can be filled and left alone; the clear reservoir allows the user to clearly see when it needs to be refilled. A charcoal filter in the bottom prevents over watering. Additionally, seed packaging was designed to allow for easy planting. 


During the design process, a series of critical product drivers were identified and used to guide the direction of the design.  


During the process, I explored different ideas using market evaluation, sketching, and prototyping.

Grow Pod - Portfolio-01.png